Fiscal Year 2001 Agreements compared with Fiscal Year 2000 Agreements

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Grant Agreement, Supplemental Agreement, and Cooperative Agreement

  1. New dates and agreement numbers have been added as follows:

    a. Grant Agreement, FTA G-7, October 1, 2000,

    b. Supplemental Agreement, Attachment to FTA G-7, October 1, 2000, and

    c. Cooperative Agreement, FTA C-7, October 1, 2000.

  2. The Master Agreement internet address has been revised.
  3. The Special Requirement prohibiting the use of DOT funds for grass roots lobbying of State legislatures as well as Congress has been extended by both DOT Appropriations bills for Fiscal Year 2001. Therefore the provision set forth as a Special Requirement has been retained and transferred to Subsection 3.d(3) of the Master Agreement.


Master Agreement

  1. Cover Page. The new date and agreement number is FTA MA(7), October 1, 2000. A new internet address has been added.
  2. Subsection 3.d(3). This new subsection adds the prohibition against using DOT funds for grass roots lobbying of State legislatures as well as Congress to the extent required by law.
  3. Subsection 10.b. A reference to the latest OMB A-133 Compliance Supplement provisions for the Department of Transportation, dated March, 2000, has been substituted for the previous April 1999 DOT Compliance Supplement.
  4. Subsection 12.e. A reference has been added to new DOT regulations, "Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Education Programs or Activities Receiving Federal Financial Assistance," 49 CFR Part 25.
  5. Subsection 12.i. This new subsection adds a reference to Executive Order No. 13166, "Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency," August 11, 2000. Former subsection 12.i has been re-numbered 12.j.
  6. Subsection 13.a. A reference is added to effectuate prospective FHWA/FTA regulations, "Metropolitan and Statewide Planning," 23 CFR Part 1410 and 49 CFR Part 621, when promulgated.
  7. Subsection 18.h. This subsection has been revised to reflect the promulgation of the revision to 49 C.F.R. § 19.36 in March 2000 setting forth DOT's policies about releasing information and data pertaining to DOT-assisted research projects.
  8. Subsection 19.g(2)(c). This subsection has been revised to clarify that a Recipient with Propjet property damaged as a result of fire, casualty, or natural disaster may invest an amount equal to the remaining Federal interest in new like-kind property eligible for assistance within the scope of the Project that provided financial assistance for the damaged equipment or supplies.
  9. Subsections 25.a and 25.l. A reference has been added to effectuate a prospective FHWA/FTA regulations, "NEPA and Related Procedures for Transportation Decisionmaking, Protection of Public Parks, Wildlife and Waterfowl Refuges, and Historic Sites," 23 CFR Part 1420, and 49 CFR Part 623, when promulgated.
  10. Subsections 31.a and 31.b. A reference has been added to effectuate a prospective combined DOT drug and alcohol regulation when implemented.
  11. Section 33. A new section encouraging seat belt use has been added as required by Executive Order No. 13043, April 16, 1997, 23 U. S. C. § 402, and the remaining sections have been re-numbered accordingly.
  12. Subsection 38.c. A reference to DOT regulations, "Protection of Human Subjects," 49 CFR Part 11, in connection with participation of individuals in research and development projects has been added.
  13. Subsection 38.e. A new subsection has been added to notify recipients conducting research projects that technical information developed thereunder might be subject to Federal export controls.
  14. Subsection 40.c. A new subsection has been added to identify the provisions of FTA Notice, "Over-the-Road Bus Accessibility Program Grants," 65 Fed. Reg. 2772-2786 (January 18, 2000), which supersede conflicting provisions of this Master Agreement.
  15. Section 42. A new section has been added to set forth special requirements for TIFIA projects.