Table 1C

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Table 1-C
Summary of FY 2000 New Starts Ratings 
  Financial Rating Finance Rating Criteria 
  Section 5309 Funds as Share of Capital Costs Capital Finance Rating Operating Finance Rating 
Phase and City (Project) 
Final Design        
Dallas-Ft. Worth (RAILTRAN Phase 2) Medium-High 45% Medium-High Medium-High
Dallas (North Central LRT) High 64% High High
Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Tri-County Commuter Rail)  Medium-High 31% Medium-High Medium
Los Angeles (LOSSAN Rail Corridor Improvement) Low-Medium 73% Low Not Rated
New Orleans (Canal Streetcar Spine) Low-Medium 80% Low-Medium Low-Medium
Northern New Jersey (Newark-Elizabeth Rail Link) Medium-High 75% Medium-High Medium-High
San Diego (Mission Valley East) High 76% High High
Tacoma-Seattle (Sounder) Commuter Rail High 25% High High
Preliminary Engineering        
Austin (Northwest/North Central Corridor) Not Rated TBD Not Rated Not Rated 
Baltimore (MTA Double Tracking Project)  Medium 80% Medium Medium
Boston (Piers Transitway Phase 2) Low 80% Low Low-Medium
Chicago (Central Kane Corridor) Medium-High 59% Medium High
Chicago (North Central Corridor) Medium-High 64% Medium High
Chicago (Southwest Corridor) Medium-High 63% Medium High
Cincinnati (I-71) Low-Medium 50% Low-Medium Low-Medium
Cleveland (Euclid Corridor) Medium 80% Medium Medium
Denver (Southeast Corridor) Low-Medium 80% Medium Low-Medium
Kansas City (Southtown LRT) Low 80% Low Low
Las Vegas (Resort Corridor) Low-Medium 45% Low-Medium Low-Medium
Little Rock (Junction Bridge/River Rail) Low-Medium 80% Low-Medium Low-Medium
Memphis (Medical Ctr. Trolley Extension) Medium-High 80% High Medium-High
Miami (East/West Corridor) Low-Medium 38% Low Low
Miami (North 27th Avenue Corridor) Low 70% Low Low
Minneapolis (Hiawatha Avenue) Medium-High 50% Medium-High Medium
New York City (LIRR East Side Access) Low-Medium TBD Low Medium-High
Norfolk (Virginia Beach Corridor) Low 55% Low Low
N. New Jersey (Hudson-Bergen MOS-2) Not Rated 63% Not Rated Not Rated
Orange County (Irvine-Fullerton Corridor) Medium-High 50% Medium-High Medium-High
Orlando (I-4 Central Florida Light Rail) Medium-High 55% High Medium
Phoenix (Central Phoenix/East Valley) Low-Medium 50% Low-Medium Low-Medium
Pittsburgh (MLK Busway Extension) Low-Medium 14% Low-Medium Medium-High
Pittsburgh (Stage 2 LRT) Low-Medium 32% Low Medium-High
Portland (South/North Corridor) Low-Medium 53% Low Medium-High
Raleigh, NC (Regional Transit Plan) Medium 39% Medium Low-Medium
Salt Lake City (Downtown Connector-West/East Corridor) Low 80% Low Low
San Diego (Mid Coast Corridor) High 52% High High
San Diego (Oceanside Escondido Corridor) Medium-High 58% Medium-High Medium
San Francisco (Bayshore-Third Street LRT) Medium-High 0% Medium-High Medium-High
San Juan - Minillas Extension Not Rated 80% Not Rated Not Rated
Seattle Link LRT (Northgate-Seatac) High 50% High High
Tampa (Tampa Regional Rail) Low-Medium 50% Low-Medium Low
Washington DC (Largo Extension) Medium 80% Medium Medium-High