Transit and the Great Outdoors

A Cleaner, Greener Visitor Experience


Anyone who’s visited our nation’s scenic parklands and protected areas knows they are truly national treasures. It’s vitally important to preserve and protect these lands by investing in safe, accessible, and sustainable transportation. Learn more about funding for transit in parks (PDF).

A bus winds its way through Denali National Park, Alaska (courtesy NPS)

National Park Service Accomplishments in Alternative Transportation (PDF)


“This system provides a fundamentally different way for visitors to see and enjoy the park and allows us to meet our objectives of protecting the park’s resources while providing a quality visitor experience. It also marks the culmination of an ongoing partnership between the park, the Town of Springdale, including the private business community, and our Congressional delegation.”

Former Zion National Park Superintendent Don Falvey at the May 2000 opening of the Zion shuttle bus system.

A quoted excerpt by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood: Our nation's scenic parklands and protected areas are national treasures attracting millions of visitors each year. It's vitally important to preserve and protect these lands for today's visitors as well as future generations by investing in safe, accessible and environmentally sustainable transportation.