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Transit Industry Responds to Rising U.S. Temperatures

Map of Climate Change on U.S. Public Transion

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Towards a Solution: FTA Selects Climate Change Adaptation Pilot Projects
Coliseum/Oakland Airport BART Station could be inundated if sea level rises by 55 inches during a 100- year storm.

FTA has awarded over $1 million in research funding for seven pilot projects to conduct climate change adaptation assessments. The projects will advance the state of practice for adapting transit systems to the impacts of climate change, in part by assessing the vulnerability of transit agency assets and services to climate change hazards such as heat waves and flooding. The effort is in keeping with broader long-term goals to address state-of-good repair needs and enhance transit safety. Click photo to learn more.

The Route to Carbon and Energy Savings: Transit Efficiency and Energy Savings: Transit Efficiency in 2030 and 2050

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Public Transportation and Climate Change: Challenge and Opportunity


Flood water from heavy rainfall cascades through ventilation grates into New York City subway tunnel. Heavy rainfall has become more intense over the past 50 years, a trend that is projected to continue. Click photo to learn more. (Photo courtesy of NY MTA.)
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Seattle, WA: A Sound Transit bus fishtails into a tree during a snow storm. An increase in the intensity of the heaviest precipitation events, including winter precipitation, is one of the impacts of climate change.