Creating Green, Sustainable Communities


Great Examples of Livability Across the U.S.
Hiawatha Light Rail, Minn.
More transportation choices, access to affordable housing, and coordinated federal investments in local priorities to improve the quality of life in your communities: thatís what livability is all about. Click on photo for great examples across the U.S.

What does Sustainable Transportation Look Like?

Transit-Oriented Development: Building Healthier, Greener, Accessible Neighborhoods


Supporting Sustainable Rural Communities

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DOTís Transformational Investments in Projects to Rebuild and Strengthen Communities

livability sustainability

Transportation, Housing and Energy Go
Hand-in-Hand to Build Better Communities

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Our Six Livability Principles
  • Provide more transportation choices
  • Expand location and energy-efficient housing choices
  • Improve economic competitiveness of neighborhoods
  • Target federal funding toward existing communities
  • Align federal policies and funding
  • Enhance the unique characteristics of all communities
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