Livability Webinars & Guidance

A webinar series for
  • employees of metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs),
  • state/county/local planning agencies,
  • transit agencies,
  • state and local departments of transportation (DOTs),
  • the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),
  • Federal Transit Administration (FTA),
  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and
  • consultant firms.

Livability in Transportation Guidebook

Livability in Transportation Webinar Series Part 1: Visioning, Planning and Process, and Policy

Livability in Transportation Webinar Series Part 2: Partnership, Design, Implementation & Funding

Learning Objectives for Livability in Transportation Webinar Series:

  • Understanding of the benefits of livable communities and key characteristics
  • Familiarity with the key steps in planning livable communities
  • Working knowledge of key facets of planning for livable communities
  • Using performance measures in planning for livable communities