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Q. Is there sample RFP language that makes it easy to pick up and include in our bid document for a NEW TRANSIT FACILITY for a Design - Build bid advertisement that will cover all the clauses and references necessary to cover grant funding via 5309, JARC and 5311? I don't need circular and best practices reference materials - I need actual sample language.

A. We do not have sample RFPs but you should contact New York Metropolitan Transit Authority Capital Construction. That organization awarded a Design - Build contract for the Fulton Street Transit Station using FTA grant funds. Their solicitation will contain many if not all of the current FTA required clauses (it was awarded several years ago). A contact person is Don Mulhern at 646-252-6335. You might also want to google: "design build transit facility." You will find several entries but I cannot tell if they were Federally funded. (Posted: December, 2011)

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