FTA Fiscal Year 2004 Apportionments, Allocations and Program Information; Notice of Supplemental Information, Changes and Corrections

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[Federal Register: March 29, 2004 (Volume 69, Number 60)]
[Page 16407-16443]
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Part VI

Department of Transportation

FTA Fiscal Year 2004 Apportionments, Allocations and Program
Information; Notice of Supplemental Information, Changes, and
Corrections; Notice

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Federal Transit Administration

FTA Fiscal Year 2004 Apportionments, Allocations and Program Information; Notice of Supplemental Information, Changes, and Corrections

AGENCY: Federal Transit Administration (FTA), DOT.

ACTION: Notice.

SUMMARY: This notice makes fiscal year (FY) 2004 transit funds
available for obligation based on program funding levels authorized by
the Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2004 (Pub. L. 108-202), and
notes changes and corrections to the FTA notice entitled ``FTA Fiscal
Year 2004 Apportionments, Allocations and Program Information;
Notice,'' which was published in the Federal Register on February 11,
2004 (69 FR 6726).

Administrator or Mary Martha Churchman, Director, Office of Resource
Management and State Programs, (202) 366-2053.

I. Funds Available for Obligation

The ``Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2004'' (Pub. L. 108-
202) was signed into law by President Bush on February 29, 2004. The
Act provides an extension of programs funded from the Highway Trust
Fund, pending enactment of a law reauthorizing the Transportation
Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21), and provides contract
authority for transit programs from October 1, 2003 through April 30,

FTA has revised the apportionment and allocation tables published
in the February 11, 2004, Federal Register notice to reflect the amount
of FY 2004 funding that is currently available for obligation by
grantees for the respective FTA program, in accordance with the Surface
Transportation Extension Act of 2004, and the Consolidated
Appropriations Act, 2004 (Pub. L. 108-199, Division F). The revised
tables are attached at the end of this notice.

A column labeled ``Apportionment'' or ``Allocation'' in the revised
tables includes both trust funds (contract authority) and general
funds, and reflects the total dollar amount of obligation limitation
and appropriations in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2004, once
full year contract authority is made available. This amount does not
represent the amount that is actually available for obligation at this
time. The amount shown in a column labeled ``Available Apportionment''
or ``Available Allocation'' is currently available for obligation.

II. Changes to FY 2004 Bus and Bus-Related Project Allocations

Subsequent to publication of the February 11, 2004, Federal
Register notice, the Secretary of the Department of Transportation
received correspondence from Congress that clarified technical errors
for FTA Bus and Bus-Related projects contained in the FY 2004
Conference Report accompanying the Consolidated Appropriations Act,
2004. The clarifications are as follows:

  1. Of the $1,000,000 provided for Allegan County Transportations
    Services, Michigan, the conferees agree that the intended allocation
    for this project was $40,000. In addition, the conferees agree that
    $940,000 shall be made available to Kalamazoo Metro Transit, Michigan.
    The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2004 provides $80,000 to Berrian
    County Public Transportation, Michigan. It is the intention of the
    conferees that a total of $100,000 shall be made available for Berrien
    County, Michigan.
  2. Of the $765,000 allocated for the Berkshire Regional Transit
    Authority (BRTA) Buses and Fare Boxes, Massachusetts, the conferees
    would like $600,000 to go to Broome County Hybrid Buses, New York.
  3. The conferees indicate that the state identifier should be
    Missouri for the Kansas project designation ``KCATA buses and bus
    facilities, Kansas.''
  4. For the project designation that reads ``Los Angeles County,
    Circulator Buses, California,'' the conferees have indicated that the
    funds designated to Los Angeles County for this purpose should instead
    go to South Whittier, CA.
  5. Of the $2,500,000 designated to the ``Pioneer Valley Transit
    Authority (PVTA) buses, Massachusetts,'' project, the conferees would
    like $100,000 to go to the ``Yamill County buses and bus facilities,
    Oregon'' project.

In addition, FTA has corrected an error in the Table 9 list of Bus
and Bus-Related projects, in the February 11, 2004, Federal Register
notice, to correctly show the ``Capital Metro Hybrid Electric Buses,
Texas,'' project under TX (Texas) instead of MI (Michigan).

FTA has incorporated the clarifications and correction. They are
reflected in the revision to Table 9 included with this notice.

III. FTA Corrections

The following corrections are noted to information in the February
11, 2004, Federal Register notice.

  • Page 6731, the heading on the table under
    paragraph F should read ``Small urbanized area included in TMA planning
  • Page 6768, the FY 2002 carryover allocation for
    the ``NY Tompkins Consolidated Area transit center'' project should be
    $57,778 instead of $617,778. The remaining unobligated balance of
    $560,000 was allocated to the ``NY City of Kingston buses'' project in
    the amount of $240,000, and to ``NY City of Middletown buses and bus
    facilities'' project in the amount of $320,000, in accordance with
    clarification provided in the FY 2003 Conference Report accompanying
    the FY 2003 DOT Appropriations Act. See pages 11955 and 11957 of the
    FTA Fiscal Year 2003 Apportionments, Allocations and Program
    Information Notice, dated March 12, 2003.
  • Page 6774, the descriptions for the following
    projects are amended to add the fiscal year of the funds:
    • NY Bronx Zoo intermodal transportation facility,
    • VT Vermont Agency of Transportation buses and
      bus facilities, 2001.

Issued on: March 24, 2004.

Jennifer L. Dorn,


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