FTA Fiscal Year 2004 Apportionments, Allocations and Program Information; Notice of Supplemental Information and Corrections (10/12)

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Number 69 FR 44710

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Revised Table 9
[Federal Register: July 27, 2004 (Volume 69, Number 143)]
[Page 44710-44721]
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Federal Transit Administration
FTA Fiscal Year 2004 Apportionments, Allocations and Program 
Information; Notice of Supplemental Information and Corrections
AGENCY: Federal Transit Administration (FTA), DOT.
ACTION: Notice.
SUMMARY: This notice announces that FTA will make available the entire 
amount of the annual apportionments and allocations when Congress 
[[Page 44711]]
the transit program authorization through September 30, 2004. The 
Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2004, Part III (Pub. L. 108-
263) extended transit programs only through July 31, 2004. FTA has 
published three previous documents identifying total annual 
apportionments and funds available for obligation based on extensions 
of the authorization through February 29, April 30, and June 30, 2004. 
The previously announced available allocations remain available. This 
notice also identifies reductions to the previously published fiscal 
year (FY) 2004 full year bus and bus-related allocations to correct an 
administrative error.
Administrator (see list at end of notice: note change of contact 
information for Region 8) or Mary Martha Churchman, Director, Office of 
Resource Management and State Programs, (202) 366-2053.
ADDRESSES: Address, telephone, and facsimile information for the FTA 
Regional Offices is listed at the end of this notice in Appendix A.
I. Funds Available for Obligation
    The ``Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2004, Part III'' 
(Pub. L. 108-263) was signed into law by President Bush on June 30, 
2004. The Act provides an extension of programs funded under the 
Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21), pending 
enactment of a law reauthorizing TEA-21, and provides available funding 
for transit programs from October 1, 2003, through July 31, 2004.
    Due to the short duration of the extension, and because Congress is 
expected to make the remainder of the annual funding available after 
July 31, FTA is not making additional funding available for immediate 
obligation at this time. The available amounts published in the 
supplemental Federal Register notice on June 3, 2004, remain available. 
The tables are posted on the FTA Web site at [this location], together with that notice, 
and have been distributed to grantees by each FTA Regional Office. II. Changes to Bus and Bus-Related Project Allocations In the previously published tables of FY 2004 bus and bus-related projects, FTA failed to include two projects that Congress designated to receive annual funding in TEA-21 and its subsequent extensions: the Altoona Bus Testing Facility, and the fuel cell bus project conducted by Georgetown University. These projects were not listed in the conference report accompanying the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2004, but should have been included in the allocation of funds under the FY 2004 bus and bus-related program. The addition of these two projects to FY 2004 bus and bus-related projects and activities to which the appropriated funds must be distributed results in a reduction to the annual allocation for each of the other projects. FTA regrets any inconvenience resulting from this necessary administrative correction. When the full year allocation becomes available for obligation, it will be at the reduced level listed in the Revised Table 9 in this Notice. Issued on: July 21, 2004. Jennifer L. Dorn, Administrator. BILLING CODE 4910-57-P [[Page 44712]] [GRAPHIC] [TIFF OMITTED] TN27JY04.014 [[Page 44713]] [GRAPHIC] [TIFF OMITTED] TN27JY04.015 [[Page 44714]] [GRAPHIC] [TIFF OMITTED] TN27JY04.016 [[Page 44715]] [GRAPHIC] [TIFF OMITTED] TN27JY04.017 [[Page 44716]] [GRAPHIC] [TIFF OMITTED] TN27JY04.018 [[Page 44717]] [GRAPHIC] [TIFF OMITTED] TN27JY04.019 [[Page 44718]] [GRAPHIC] [TIFF OMITTED] TN27JY04.020 [[Page 44719]] [GRAPHIC] [TIFF OMITTED] TN27JY04.021 [[Page 44720]] [GRAPHIC] [TIFF OMITTED] TN27JY04.022 [[Page 44721]] Appendix A--FTA Regional Offices Region 1 Richard H. Doyle, Regional Administrator, Cambridge, MA 02142-1093, Tel. 617-494-2055, Fax 617-494-2865. Region 2 Letitia Thompson, Regional Administrator, New York, NY 10004-1415, Tel. No. 212-668-2170, Fax 212-668-2136. Region 3 Herman Shipman, Deputy Regional Administrator, Philadelphia, PA 19103-4124, Tel. 215-656-7100, Fax 215-656-7100. Region 4 Hiram J. Walker, Regional Administrator, Atlanta, GA 30303, Tel. 404-562-3500, Fax 404-562-3505. Region 5 Joel P. Ettinger, Regional Administrator, Chicago, IL 60606, Tel. 312-353-2789, Fax 312-886-0351. Region 6 Robert C. Patrick, Regional Administrator, Fort Worth, TX 76102, Tel. 817-978-0550, Fax 817-978-0575. Region 7 Mokhtee Ahmad, Regional Administrator, Kansas City, MO 64106, Tel. 816-329-3920, Fax 816-329-3921. Region 8 Lee O. Waddleton, Regional Administrator, Denver, CO 80228-2583, Tel. 720-963-3300, Fax 720-963-3333. Region 9 Leslie T. Rogers, Regional Administrator, San Francisco, CA 94105- 1926, Tel. 415-744-3133, Fax 414-744-2726. Region 10 Rick Krochalis, Regional Administrator, Seattle, WA 98174-1002, Tel. 206-220-7954, Fax 206-220-7959. [FR Doc. 04-17022 Filed 7-26-04; 8:45 am] BILLING CODE 4910-57-C