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Revision Date Section No. Subject
October 2005 Disposition of Surplus (Revised)
October 2005 4.6.4 Unsolicited Proposals (New)
October 2005 7.2.4 Prompt Payment Mechanisms (Revised)
October 2005 Good Faith Efforts to Meet Contract Goals (Revised)
October 2005 Counting DBE Participation Toward the Goal (Revised)
October 2005 Appendix A.1 #28 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Federally Required and Other Model Contract Clauses (Revised)
April 2005 2.3.2 Independent Grantee Cost Estimate (Revised)
April 2005 Fixed Price Contracts (Revised)
April 2005 Progress Payments (Revised)
April 2005 5.3.2 Defriefing of Offerors (Revised)
April 2005 6.1.7 Partnering (Revised)
April 2005 8.2 Surety Bonds (Revised)
April 2005 8.2.1 Performance Bonds (Revised)
April 2005 Progress Payments (Revised)
April 2005 10.3 Record Retention (Revised)
March 2004 Intergovernmental Agreements, Joint Procurements, Piggybacking/Assignments (Revised)
March 2004 4.4.3 Single Bid (Revised)
March 2004 6.5 Architect-Engineering Services (Revised)
March 2004 Appendix A.2 Dear Colleague Letters (Revised)
November 2003 1.1.1 FTA Circular 4220.1E (Revised)
November 2003 1.1.7 FTA Procurement System Reviews (New)
November 2003 1.1.9 Procurement System Self Assessment Guide (New)
November 2003 Real Estate Contracts (Revised)
November 2003 Operating Assistance, Preventive Maintenance, CMAQ and JARC Project (Revised)
November 2003 4.1.2 Consolidation of Micro-Purchases (New)
November 2003 Pre-Bid and Pre-Proposal Conferences (Revised)
November 2003 Buy America Certification (Revised)
November 2003 4.5.2 Evaluatin of Proposals (Revised)
November 2003 6.6 Insurance (Revised)
November 2003 9.4 Approval of Subcontractors (formerly Section 5.1.5)

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