Competitive Financing Opportunities



Dear Colleague:

I write to inform you that the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has recently issued a list of forthcoming competitive funding opportunities for Fiscal Year 2011 to strengthen and improve public transit throughout the United States. We also announced the Fiscal Year 2011 allocations for existing, new and pending New Starts and Small Starts projects.

We are pleased to provide a coordinated schedule for these announcements to help public transit agencies better manage their resources, set priorities, develop strong proposals, and lay the groundwork to implement funded projects.

Three notices of funding availability for five FTA competitive discretionary grant programs appeared in the Federal Register on June 24 and June 27, as shown in the table below.  These grants, which collectively total more than $1.02 billion, reflect three of FTA’s highest priorities:

(1) State of Good Repair: Bringing the nation’s aging bus and bus facilities into a state of good repair by putting more safe, fuel-efficient, modern equipment into service.
(2) Sustainability: Supporting the transit industry’s ability to reduce its dependence on costly oil, contribute to cleaner air, and improve operating efficiency through innovative energy-saving projects.
(3) Livability: Helping urban, suburban, and rural communities develop transit options to better connect people to where they live, work, and play, with a particular emphasis on coordinated transportation and housing planning.

Initiative Description Funding Availability
($ millions)
Federal Register Publication Application Deadline
State of Good Repair To replace or upgrade aging buses and bus facilities $750.0 6/24/2011 7/29/2011
Sustainability     6/24/2011
Clean Fuels Bus Program To replace diesel-powered vehicles that have outlived their useful lives $ 51.5   8/23/3011
TIGGER III (Transit Investment in Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction) For capital investments that assist in reducing the energy consumption or greenhouse gas emissions of public transportation systems $ 49.9   8/23/2011
Livability Expansion     6/27/2011
Alternatives Analysis To help communities evaluate and select the best transit options to meet local needs $ 25.0   7/29/2011
Bus & Bus Facilities To purchase and replace buses and to build bus-related facilities $150.0   7/29/2011

In addition, the Federal Register on June 24 included a notice of the 27 Fiscal Year 2011 New Starts and Small Starts projects in 12 states for which a total of $1.58 million has been budgeted. These commuter rail, light rail, and bus rapid transit projects will improve public transportation access for millions of Americans while reducing our dependence on foreign oil and curbing air pollution.

For additional details about these funding announcements, a link to the upcoming Federal Register notices is provided here.

Sincerely yours,


Peter Rogoff