Honolulu Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project Evaluation

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The Honolulu Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project Evaluation Final Report is intended to support FTA’s ongoing research on bus rapid transit (BRT) project planning, development and implementation. This report presents a comprehensive assessment of the applications of BRT elements in Honolulu, per the evaluation framework outlined in the Characteristics of Bus Rapid Transit (CBRT) report. Information is presented on a broad range of applications of key elements of BRT – running ways, stations, vehicles, fare collection, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and service and operating plans. This evaluation also investigates system performance in several key areas, including reducing travel time, improving reliability, providing identity and a quality image, improving safety and security, and increasing capacity. The evaluation concludes with an assessment of important system benefits, including transportation system benefits (increasing ridership, and improving capital cost effectiveness and operating efficiency) and community benefits (transit-supportive development and environmental quality).

For additional information, please contact Karen Facen.

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