Chapter 6.7: Internet Information and Resources

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Listed below are a sampling of web sites of interest to planners that address transit dependency, welfare reform, or questions of access to jobs and services. The list is far from comprehensive, representing only a sampling of sites. These sites do include a number of links to other related sites, and thus provide a start for planners looking for information, case studies, grants, or discussion on access-related issues.

Federal Transit Administration Welfare-to-Work

This site offers information on access-to-jobs programs, competitive grants, studies on transit needs and solutions, and welfare to work transportation initiatives and guidelines. The site also has a number of links to other sites.

Community Transportation Association of America (

CTAA has information on grant programs and funding for access-to-jobs programs, and information on issues facing transit systems in the area of welfare reform and reverse commute. The website includes assessments of pilot programs across the nation, conference proceedings, and links to other web sites.

American Public Transportation Association (

The APTA site has links to government, university, and other institutional transit sites. APTA has information on grant programs, the National Transit Database, and conference proceedings.

National Governor's Association Center for Best Practices (

The Center for Best Practices is a 501(c) 3 corporation that is governed by a board of four Governors who report to the National Governors Association Executive Committee. This site offers information on welfare reform, transportation issues, and access-to-jobs funding.

Welfare Information Network (

This site includes an enormous bibliography of studies relating to transportation and welfare reform. The site also has summaries of federal welfare legislation, a catalog of welfare-related web sites, a calendar of welfare related events, and links to program information, policy analysis, legislative information, and "best practices."

The Pew Center on the States (

This site, funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts, offers a detailed state by state summary of welfare reform programs in each state in the nation.

Administration for Children and Families (ACF) (

The ACF site provides information and policy on the use of TANF and Welfare-to-Work funds for transportation. It also provides statistics, nationally and state-by-state, on welfare caseloads and funding levels.

University Sites

Many universities and colleges maintain sites pertaining to transit and transportation research. Listed below are several examples.

University Transportation Centers -

University of South Florida, CUTR

Rutgers University, National Transit Institute

University of Minnesota - Center for Transportation Studies -

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