Innovative Practices for Increased Ridership

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FTA has launched the Innovative Practices for Increased Ridership initiative to bring together the most innovative practices that have been undertaken by transit operators across the nation to increase ridership. You can submit your own innovative practice to FTA or search the complete database of practices through the Innovative Practices for Increased Ridership tool at (opens in a new window).

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) recognizes that the benefits of transit depend on riders. Thus, one key measure of success is in the percentage increase of transit ridership (boardings) over the previous year. The goal of this web page is to collect and share information from transit agencies about the most successful and innovative practices they have been able to implement to increase ridership. Through a peer-to-peer exchange of best practices, transit systems will learn about successful strategies to increase ridership and be better informed about how to implement similar programs at home.