Chapter 3.2: Establishment of Goals and Objectives for Job Access Planning

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Collectively, stakeholders determine mutual interests and outcomes for moving people from welfare to work. Working through this exercise in the beginning helps to develop a consensus among stakeholders and sets the direction for the committee. Goals such as "to identify unmet transportation needs" or "to maximize existing resources" are broad goals. As stakeholders become more familiar with the subject, goals and objectives become better focused to identify specific issues. Some communities have found that beginning with easily implemented, short-term strategies helps to develop success early in job access planning and gains trust among stakeholders.

Not all issues that are brought to the planning process are equally important or can be addressed in the same timetable. Making a list of the issues and prioritizing is one way to approach the most important tasks. Many of the issues identified in this process are related to the following:

  • Job Locations - these change as a person moves from an initial, sometimes part-time job to a full-time one, from a lower paying to a higher paying job and /or from one close to home to one further away
  • Time of Job
  • Transportation to Childcare
  • Transportation Options - access to an auto or to transportation services

Final Report
May 2001

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