Chapter 2: Job Access Planning Overview

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This chapter provides an overview of key components that can assist stakeholders as they engage in job access planning. Characteristics and needs of the target population, governmental structure and involvement, and existing transportation resources can vary from place to place with no single approach for job access planning. The information in this document outlines a useful approach with case studies at the end of each chapter illustrating each step in the planning process.

The graphic on the following page illustrates a regional framework and one approach to job access planning. The step-by-step process begins with organizing stakeholder groups and establishing goals and objectives for job access planning. Identifying the appropriate stakeholders and encouraging their involvement from the early stages of planning to service implementation is a critical element.

The next step is to identify and gather information that will enable stakeholders to identify unmet needs of the target population and employers in their community. Then, potential transportation alternatives to address those needs can be developed. Communities familiar with job access planning may choose to evaluate potential alternatives utilizing a cost/benefit analysis or other methods.

Final Report
May 2001

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