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Section 5309 Bus and Bus-Related Allocations Table 9

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Federal Transit Administration
Table 9

Fiscal Year 2003 Section 5309 Bus and Bus-Related Allocations

State Project Allocation
AL Alabama A&M University bus & bus facilities $491,839
AL Alabama State Docks Intermodal Facility 7,869,429
AL Alabama Statewide Replacement of Senior Center Vans 983,679
AL Bevill State Community College Transit Project 295,104
AL Cullman County Commission (CARTS) 147,552
AL Hoover & Vestavia Hills Diesel Hybrid Electric Buses 983,679
AL Hunstville Intermodal Center 2,951,036
AL Jefferson County, Diesel Hybrid Electric Buses 737,759
AL Maritime Center of the Gulf 3,934,715
AL Troy State University Bus Shuttle Program 1,475,518
AL Union Station/Molton Street Multimodal Facility, Montgomery 4,918,393
AL University of North Alabama Transit Projects 1,967,357
AK Anchorage Int'l Airport Intermodal Facility 1,967,357
AK Anchorage ship creek intermodal facility (AK) 3,934,715
AK Coffman-Cove Inner-island Ferry/Bus Terminal 1,967,357
AK Fairbanks Intermodal Facility 245,920
AK Fairbanks Rail/Bus Transfer 1,967,357
AK Port MacKenzie Intermodal Facility 1,967,357
AK Port of Anchorage Intermodal Facility 2,951,036
AK Seward Buses & Bus Facility 196,736
AK Skagway Municipal and Regional Transit 344,287
AK Wasilla Intermodal Facility 885,311
AZ City of Phoenix (RPTA) replacement buses 3,772,408
AZ Coconino County Buses 983,679
AZ RPTA Bus Facilities (Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix) 4,131,450
AZ Sun Tran Replacement Buses, including alternatively fueled 983,679
AZ SunTran Bus Storage & Maintenance Facility 1,721,438
AZ Tucson Intermodal Center (Union Pacific Depot) 3,934,715
AR Fort Smith Bus 737,759
AR State of Arkansas Bus & Bus Facilities 4,426,554
CA Alameda Contra Costa Transit - Bus and Bus Facilities 1,032,862
CA Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) Project 491,839
CA Antelope Valley Transit Authority - Operations and Maintenance Facility 491,839
CA BART Fruitvale Transit Village, parking structure 245,920
CA Chino, Transcenter, Omnitrans 324,614
CA City of Salinas - Intermodal Transportation Center 1,229,598
CA City of Sierra Madre Buses and Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Station 295,104
CA East County Bus Maintenance Facility 1,573,886
CA El Garces Intermodal Station 1,524,702
CA Fairfield/Suisun Transit Alternative Fueled Buses 491,839
CA Folsom Railroad Block Project 983,679
CA Foothill Transit - Bus Purchase 1,475,518
CA Fresno Area Express (FAX) Bus Expansion 590,207
CA Golden Empire Transit District 737,759
CA Los Angeles (MTA) Bus and Bus Facilities 3,442,875
CA Los Angeles to Pasadena Construction Authority Bus Program 2,951,036
CA Modesto, Bus Maintenance Facility 1,672,254
CA Monterey-Salinas Transit Bus Facility & Buses 2,360,829
CA MUNI Bus & Facility Upgrade, San Francisco 4,918,393
CA Municipal Transit Operators Coalition - Bus and Bus Facilities 1,721,438
CA Omnitrans, City of Yucaipa - the Yucaipa Transit Advancement Project 934,495
CA Palmdale intermodal facility 983,679
CA Redondo Beach, Bus Transfer Station 491,839
CA Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) Transit Centers - Corona, Riverside 983,679
CA Roseville Multitransit Center 1,475,518
CA Sacramento Hydrogen Bus Technology (University of California at Davis) 590,207
CA Sacramento Regional CNG Bus & Bus Facility 1,229,598
CA San Diego Bus Rapid Transit 491,839
CA San Fernando Valley East and Ventura Boulevard, Park and ride facilities 491,839
CA San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans) Zero-Emission Buses 1,362,395
CA Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) Hybrid Bus BRT Project 737,759
CA Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Clean Fuel Bus Program 1,475,518
CA Solano Transportation Authority - Fairfield/Vacaville Intermodal Station 491,839
CA Sonoma County CNG Fueling Facility Upgrade 491,839
CA South Pasadena Circulator Bus 147,552
CA Sun Line Transit Hydrogen Refueling Station 1,229,598
CA Yolobus and Unitrans CNG Buses 1,278,782
CA Yosemite (YARTS) 393,471
CO Colorado Transit Coalition - Statewide Bus and Bus Facilities 11,804,144
CT Bridgeport High Speed Ferry Terminal Project 983,679
CT Connecticut State-wide Buses 983,679
CT Hartford Downtown Circulator 1,475,518
CT Hartford-New Britain Busway Project 7,377,590
CT Hollyhock Station/Intermodal Transportation Center, Norwich 2,606,748
CT New Haven, Bus Maintenance Facility 983,679
CT New Haven, Fuel Cell and Electric Bus Project 983,679
CT West Haven Intermodal 983,679
DE Delaware Transit Corporation 2,951,036
DC Georgetown University Fuel Cell Transit Bus Program 4,770,841
DC WMATA - Buses in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia 1,967,357
FL Broward County Buses and Bus Facility 196,736
FL Collier Area Transit, Transit Facility 737,759
FL DeLand Intermodal Center (VOTRAN) 1,721,438
FL East Central Florida Transit Coalition Bus and Facilities 5,902,072
FL Ft. Lauderdale, Transit Shuttle Vehicles 1,475,518
FL Gainesville, Multimodal Transportation Center 983,679
FL Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) 491,839
FL Jacksonville Transit Authority (JTA) - Buses 1,229,598
FL Key West Buses and Bus Facilities 983,679
FL Lakeland, Citrus Connection 491,839
FL Lee County, Bus Facility 737,759
FL LYNX buses, bus facilities, and passenger amenities 737,759
FL Miami Beach Intermodal Transit Center 1,475,518
FL Miami-Dade Buses 2,951,036
FL Pinellas County Bus Replacement 4,131,450
FL SunTran Transit Maintenance Facility - City of Ocala 786,943
FL Tallahassee (TALTRAN) buses 1,229,598
FL Tallahassee (TALTRAN) Intermodal Center 491,839
FL West Coast Florida Bus Coalition 7,869,429
FL West Palm Beach, Trolley Buses 1,229,598
FL Winter Haven Transit Terminal 491,839
GA Atlanta, Multimodal Terminal 1,967,357
GA Chatham Area Transit 2,655,932
GA Georgia Regional Transportation Authority - Regional Express Bus and Facilities 4,363,598
GA Georgia Statewide Bus Replacement Program 1,475,518
GA Gwinnett County Operations & Maintenance Facility 1,475,518
GA Macon Intermodal Center 1,967,357
GA MARTA buses, clean fuel buses and facilities 2,459,197
HI BRT Systems, Appurtenances & Facilities 7,869,429
HI Bus Transit Centers - Waianae, Mililani, Wahiawa 737,759
HI Hawaii Statewide Bus and Bus Facilities 4,918,393
HI Maui County Buses 1,082,046
ID Idaho Transit Coalition Bus and Bus Facilities 2,459,197
IL Illinois Statewide Buses and Facilities 12,000,880
IL Normal Multi-modal Facility 737,759
IN Cherry Street Multimodal Facility 491,839
IN Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation (Fort Wayne Citilink) 590,207
IN Indiana Transit Consortium - Bloomington Public Transportation 491,839
IN Indianapolis Downtown Transit Facility 4,426,554
IN Wabash Landing Transit Bus and Bus Facility 245,920
IA Cedar Falls Multimodal Facility 1,082,046
IA Des Moines MTA Bus Purchase 786,943
IA Iowa City Intermodal Transit Facility 5,902,072
IA State of Iowa, Buses, Facilities, Equipment 6,393,911
KS City of Wichita, Mini-Transfer Station 393,471
KS Johnson County Transit Programs 491,839
KS Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) 245,920
KS Kansas, Buses and Bus Facilities 2,951,036
KS Lawrence Transit System Transfer Center 491,839
KS Topeka Transit Buses 1,475,518
KS Unified Government Transit Bus Replacement - Wyandotte County/Kansas City 344,288
KS Wichita Transit Authority 1,180,414
KY Fulton County Transit Authority R V Cutaways 177,062
KY Henderson Area Rapid Transit Bus 94,433
KY Henderson County Facility 491,839
KY KY Statewide, Bus and Bus Facilities 7,377,590
KY KY Transportation Cabinet - Community Action groups 1,401,742
KY Laurel County intermodal facility 4,918,393
KY Paducah Area Transit Authority Buses 472,166
KY Pennyrile Allied Community Services Transit Facility 365,928
KY Pikesville parking and transit facility enhancements 983,679
KY Red Cross Wheels 1,967,357
KY Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK) 1,475,518
KY Transit Authority of River City 1,967,357
LA LA Public Transit Association, Buses and Bus Facilities 9,836,787
LA LSU Health Sciences Center Shreveport Intermodal Facility 245,920
LA St. Bernard intermodal facility 491,839
ME Maine Statewide Bus & Bus Facility 983,679
ME Oceangateway Development Project 491,839
ME Westbrook, Intermodal Facility 983,679
MD Maryland Statewide Bus and Bus Facilities 7,869,429
MD Montgomery County FDA Transit Center 245,920
MA Attleboro Intermodal Mixed-Use Garage Facility 737,759
MA Brockton Area Transit, Intermodal Transportation Center 983,679
MA Cape Ann Transit Authority, buses and trolleys 147,552
MA Cape Cod Intermodal Facilities (Cape & Island Transit Ctrs) 295,104
MA Cities of Beverly and Salem, Intermodal Facility Improvements 245,920
MA CTS Northern Tier Buses - MA 295,104
MA Essex County, City of Lynn, MA, buses and senior citizen vans 137,715
MA Essex County, City of Peabody, MA, buses 47,217
MA Essex County, Town of Danvers, MA, buses and senior citizen vans 64,923
MA Lowell-Gallagher Intermodal Facility 983,679
MA Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority (MVTRA), facility improvements 245,920
MA Montachusett Area Regional Transit (MART) Commuter Park and Ride Facility - Leominster 737,759
MA Montachusett Area Regional Transit (MART) Passenger and Handicap Vans 418,063
MA Montachusett Commuter Facilities in Fitchburg 1,573,886
MA Northern Tier Intermodal Center - Athol 295,104
MA Springfield Union Station Intermodal Redevelopment Project 5,902,072
MA Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA) Maintenance Facility 196,736
MI Ann Arbor Transportation Authority Bus & Bus Facilities 245,920
MI Battle Creek 295,104
MI Bay Area Transportation Authority Buses, Traverse City 491,839
MI Blue Water Area Transportation 983,679
MI Branch County Transit Authority 295,104
MI City of Alma, intermodal facility and buses 762,351
MI Detroit Department of Transportation Transit Facility 5,065,945
MI Flint Mass Transportation Authority bus and bus facilities 1,967,357
MI Grand Rapids, buses and bus facilities 491,839
MI Ionia Area Transportation Authority Dial-a-Ride 299,038
MI Jackson Transportation Authority, Bus Maintenance Facility 491,839
MI Kalamazoo Metro Transit - Transfer Center 2,852,668
MI Lansing, Capital Area Transit Authority 983,679
MI Livingston Essential Transportation Service 216,409
MI Ludington Mass Transportation Authority (LMTA) Transit Facility 516,431
MI Marquette County Transit Authority bus and bus facilities 1,967,357
MI Michigan Statewide Bus and Facilities 983,679
MI Milan Public Transit 177,062
MI Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Service buses 491,839
MI Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transit (SMART) 3,442,875
MI Washtenaw County, Chelsa Area Transportation System (CATS) 259,691
MI Yates Township Transit System 442,655
MN Dakota County, Cedar Avenue Project 983,679
MN Duluth Transit Authority Bus and Bus Facilities 491,839
MN Greater Minnesota Transit Authority Bus & Bus Facilities 1,967,357
MN La Crescent - Public Transfer Hub 59,021
MN Metro Transit 11,395,917
MN Metropolitan Light Rail Transit Joint Powers Board - Rush Line Corridor 491,839
MN Minneapolis downtown circulator 1,967,357
MN Minneapolis, 63rd Ave N. Park and Ride 983,679
MN Northwest Corridor Busway 2,459,197
MN Rochester - Bus Purchase 498,725
MN St. Cloud Metropolitan Transit Commission Facilities 491,839
MN STEELE - Bus Purchase 47,217
MN Two Harbors Bus and Bus Facilities 196,736
MS Brookhaven, Multi-modal Center 1,967,357
MS Harrison County multi-modal facilities and shuttle service 491,839
MS Hattiesburg Intermodal Facility 737,759
MO Bi-State Development Agency Bus Replacement 2,951,036
MO Ferguson Van Replacement 44,266
MO Hazelwood Van Expansion 78,694
MO Houston buses 98,368
MO Jefferson City Transit Bus and Van 491,839
MO Kansas City KCATA Buses 196,736
MO Missouri Bus & Bus Facilities - Dunklin County, City of Houston, Southeast Missouri Transportation Service, Scott County, SE Missouri State University 2,213,277
MO Missouri Statewide Bus and Bus Facility Projects 5,410,233
MO OATS Bus and Bus Facilities 1,475,518
MO Southeast Missouri Trans. Services Bus and Bus Facilities 491,839
MO Southwest Missouri State University Intermodal Transfer Facility 2,951,036
MO Springfield Public Utilities Buses 1,278,782
MO St. Charles Buses and Equipment 241,001
MO St. Joseph Buses 983,679
MO Stoddard County Van 29,510
MT Billings bus and bus facilities 983,679
MT District IX - Bozeman Galavan 245,920
MT Mountain Line Buses Missoula 491,839
NE Metro Area Transit - Intermodal Facility 983,679
NE Metro Area Transit South Omaha/Stockyard Center 737,759
NE Nebraska Statewide 737,759
NV Bus Rapid Transit on South Virginia Steet - Reno 2,410,013
NV Bus Rapid Transit Project Las Vegas Blvd 4,918,393
NV Las Vegas Downtown Transportation Center 2,213,277
NV Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) BRT - North Las Vegas CIVIS Bus Stops 319,696
NV Reno and Sparks Bus and Bus Facilities 2,655,932
NV Rural Transit Buses & Facilities 737,759
NH New Hampshire Statewide Bus Acquisition 737,759
NJ Bergen County Intermodal Facilities and Park-n-Ride 2,213,277
NJ Central New Jersey Raritan Valley Line Park-n-Ride 983,679
NJ Gloucester Co Sr. Buses 196,736
NJ Harrison New Jersey PATH Station Rehabilitation 245,920
NJ Montclair Community Wide Bus System 983,679
NJ Morris County, Intermodal Park-n-Rides Facilities 1,475,518
NJ Newark Penn Station Intermodal Access Enhancements 1,967,357
NJ Route 80 Howard Boulevard NJ Transit Park and Ride 491,839
NJ Trenton Station Intermodal 6,393,911
NM Albuquerque Buses and Bus Facility 983,679
NM Alvorado Transportation Center - Phase II 295,104
NM Espanola ADA van & Compressed Gas Equipment 73,776
NM Rio Rancho Buses and Facilities 245,920
NM Santa Fe Bus Facility Renovation 196,736
NY Albany, NY - Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA), Bus and Bus Facilities 2,655,932
NY Brooklyn, downtown intermodal transit district 491,839
NY Broome County, Binghamton Intermodal Terminal 983,679
NY Buffalo Intermodal Transportation Center 4,918,393
NY Central New York Regional Transportation Authority 2,951,036
NY City of Schenectady, bus and bus facilities 491,839
NY Jamaica Intermodal Facilities 1,475,518
NY Lower Hudson Intercounty Bus Program 786,943
NY Mobile Health Service Buses, NYC 491,839
NY Nassau County's Long Island Bus 245,920
NY New Rochelle Intermodal Center 737,759
NY Niagara Transportation Authority Buses and Bus Facilities 3,196,956
NY Oneonta Public Transit Buses 737,759
NY Orange County, Buses 737,759
NY Rensselaer Intermodal Station and related community enhancements 786,943
NY Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority (RGRTA) - Rochester Central Station 2,951,036
NY Ulster County Rural Bus Facility 885,311
NY Utica Transit Authority Buses 885,311
NY Westchester County Bee-Line Buses 1,721,438
NC City of Charlotte Bus and Bus Facilities 1,475,518
NC North Carolina Bus and Bus Facilities 7,869,429
NC Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART) - Bus Purchase 983,679
NC Triangle Transit Authority (TTA) Maintenance Facility 344,288
ND North Dakota Statewide Capital Transit 2,853,652
OH Cincinnati Government Square Transit Transfer Center 3,934,715
OH Greater Triskett Bus Garage Rehabilitation 983,679
OH Lorain Renovation Train Depot in a Multi-modal Hub 983,679
OH Ohio Public Transportation Association - Bus and Bus Facilities for the State of Ohio 8,361,269
OK Central Oklahoma Transportation & Parking Authority (COPTA) 2,459,197
OK Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority (MTTA) 983,679
OK Oklahoma Transit Association - Bus and Bus Facilities 4,918,393
OK OSU Multimodal Transportation Facility 2,951,036
OR Albany, Buses 216,409
OR Canby Transit 196,736
OR Eugene Lane Transit District 1,967,357
OR Portland, Tri-Met Buses 1,967,357
OR Rogue Valley Transit District 983,679
OR Salem Area Mass Transit Bus and Bus Facility 491,839
OR Wilsonville, South Metro Area Rapid Transit (SMART) 245,920
PA Adams Transit Authority Buses and Bus Facility 393,471
PA Allentown Intermodal Transportation Center 1,967,357
PA Altoona Metro Transit Buses 491,839
PA AMTRAN Bus and Transit System Improvements 737,759
PA Area Transportation Authority Buses, North Central Pennsylvania 1,967,357
PA Beaver County Transit Authority Buses 147,552
PA Berks Area Reading Transportation Authority - Buses and Facilities 983,679
PA Bucks County, SEPTA Intermodal facility improvement 983,679
PA Butler Township/City Joint Municipal Transit Multi-Modal Transfer Center 418,063
PA Cambria County Operations and Maintenance Facility 491,839
PA Capital Area Transit Buses 491,839
PA Easton Intermodal Terminal 1,967,357
PA Endless Mountain Transportation Authority 295,104
PA Fayette County Transit Facility 885,311
PA Hershey Intermodal Transportation Center 1,967,357
PA Indiana County Transit Authority 403,308
PA Mid-County Transit Authority, Facilities and Equipment 491,839
PA Port Authority of Allegheny County Buses (including clean fuels) 1,746,030
PA Pullman Multi-modal Center 491,839
PA SEPTA - Paratransit Vehicles 491,839
PA SEPTA Norristown Intermodal Facility 983,679
PA Somerset County Transportation System 157,389
PA TEA-21 Altoona, PA 2,951,036
PA Westmoreland County Transit Authority 1,426,334
PA Wilkes-Barre Intermodal Facility 245,920
PA Williamsport Bureau of Transportation City Bus - Lycoming County 1,229,598
PA York County Transit Authority Buses 491,839
PR Puerto Rico Metropolitan Bus Authority (MBA), bus and bus facilities 245,920
RI Newport Trolley Project 491,839
RI Premium Commuter Service Pilot Program 983,679
RI Rhode Island Buses and Alternatively Fueld Infrastructure 2,951,036
RI University of Rhode Island Student Transportation Services 737,759
SC Intermodal/Inland Port Terminal 983,679
SC Myrtle Beach Regional Multimodal Transit Center 1,106,638
SC North Charleston Regional Intermodal Transportation Center 491,839
SC South Carolina Vehicles and Facilities 6,885,751
SC Sumter Intermodal Transportation Center (Union Station) 2,951,036
SD Rosebud Sioux Tribe Bus Facility 196,736
SD South Dakota Statewide - Bus and Bus Facilities 737,759
TN Knoxville Electric Transit Intermodal Center 3,344,507
TN Memphis Airport Intermodal Facility Improvements 2,951,036
TN Tennessee Bus Replacements & Bus Facilities 9,344,947
TX Abilene Bus Replacement - Citylink 590,207
TX Austin Bus Projects 4,918,393
TX Beaumont Buses 98,368
TX Brownsville Buses 98,368
TX Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Bus & Bus Facilities 491,839
TX El Paso Bus Projects 1,475,518
TX Fort Worth Transportation Authority 2,951,036
TX Galveston Buses 983,679
TX Houston Advanced Transit Program 1,967,357
TX Laredo, Administrative/Operations/ Maintenance Facility 1,721,438
TX Lubbock Buses 147,552
TX Odessa & Midland, TX - Alternative Fuel Buses 983,679
TX San Antonio VIA Metropolitan Transit Authority 1,475,518
TX Texas Tech University Park & Ride; Buses 1,819,806
TX Waco Transit, Buses,Maintenance and Administration Facilities 1,868,989
TX Woodlands District Park & Ride 1,180,414
UT State of Utah - Buses and Facilities 983,679
UT UTA and Park City Transit Buses 3,934,715
UT Utah Statewide Regional Intermodal Transportation Centers 491,839
VT Chittenden County Transit Authority Bus and Facility 1,967,357
VT Montpelier Multimodal Center 1,967,357
VT St. Johnsbury Transit Center Rehabilitation 245,920
VT Winooski Falls Downtown Multimodal Transportation Center 491,839
VA Arlington Bus Transfer Stations 491,839
VA Greater Roanoke Transit Company (GRTC) Buses 1,032,863
VA Hampton Roads Bus and Bus Facilities 1,500,110
VA Petersburg Area Transit 737,759
VA Potomac & Rappahannock Transportation Commission 2,065,725
VA Potomac Yard Transitway 786,943
VA Richmond Mulit-modal Facility 2,901,852
VI Virgin Islands Transit (VITRAN) 491,839
WA Clark County, WA C-TRAN Vancouver Mall Transit Center 2,557,565
WA Aurora Avenue Bus Rapid Transit 1,475,518
WA Burien transit center transit oriented development 1,967,357
WA Edmonds Crossing multi-modal project 3,442,875
WA Intercity Transit (Thurston County) Fare Collection Equipment 245,920
WA Issaquah Highlands Park & Ride 1,377,150
WA Jefferson Transit Facilities 983,679
WA King Street Station Multimodal Facility 245,920
WA Lakewood SR 512 Park-n-Ride Expansion 1,475,518
WA Mason County Transportation Authority Facilities 295,104
WA Mercer Island Transit Center, Park and Ride 491,839
WA Mount Vernon multi-modal facility and buses 1,967,357
WA Pierce County bus and bus facilities 2,951,036
WA Port Angeles International Gateway project 1,475,518
WA Small Bus System Program of Projects
WA Grant Transit Authority 424,949
WA Grays Harbor Transportation 141,650
WA Island Transit 283,299
WA Pacific Transit 94,433
WA Pullman Transit 1,160,741
WA Snohomish County Community Transit park and ride 2,951,036
WA Sound Transit regional transit hubs 3,934,715
WA Spokane bus and bus facilities 2,459,197
WV Huntington, Tri-State Transit Authority (TTA) buses and vans 1,770,622
WV Monongalia Courthouse Annex in Morgantown - Intermodal Parking Facility 3,442,875
WV West Virginia Statewide 3,934,715
WI Wisconsin Statewide Bus & Bus facilities 16,033,962
WY Wyoming Department of Transportation 2,459,197

Total Allocation

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