Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas/Trinity Railway Express Phase II

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Trinity Railway Express RAILTRAN Phase II

Dallas, Ft. Worth, Texas

(November 2000)


Phase II of the Trinity Railway Express (formerly RAILTRAN) project will provide 25 miles of additional commuter rail service, on existing track and right-of-way, between South Irving and Fort Worth, serving the Fort Worth Intermodal Transportation Center. Phase I initiated ten miles of service between Dallas and Irving in December 1996. Partial Phase II service began in September 2000 with the opening of 15 miles of commuter rail service from Richland Hills in east Fort Worth to Irving. The remaining 10 miles of the TRE Phase II system will be opened from downtown Fort Worth to Richland Hills in Fall 2001. The Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA) has estimated total project costs in year of expenditure (YOE) at $184.05 million, with an estimated Section 5309 New Starts share of $46.4 million. Long-term plans call for a Phase III to extend service to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Phase II includes five new passenger stations, track and signal improvements to the existing rail line, construction of 1.5 miles of new main track on a new alignment in downtown Fort Worth, expansion of the existing Irving Yard commuter rail maintenance facility, and purchase of rolling stock. Two stations are located in downtown Fort Worth, including the site of the Intermodal Transportation Center, and three stations are located in the suburbs. In 2010, average weekday boardings are estimated at 11,000, with an estimated 5,000 daily new riders. FWTA is seeking no further Section 5309 New Starts funds beyond that already appropriated through FY 2001. Hence, the project has not been evaluated and rated according the New Starts criteria.

Trinity Railway Express Phase II Summary Description

Proposed Project: Commuter Rail
25 miles, 5 stations
Total Capital Cost ($YOE): $184.10 million
Section 5309 Share ($YOE): $46.40 million
Annual Operating Cost ($YOE): $9.20 million
Ridership Forecast (2010): 11,000 average weekday boardings
5,000 daily new riders


In 1984, the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) right-of-way between Dallas and Fort Worth was purchased with FTA assistance. Since then the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroads have been operating freight service on the tracks.

The Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA) and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) have signed an agreement on the construction, operation, and financing of the TRE service. The easternmost segment of Phase II opened in September 2000 with service to Richmond Hills; service to downtown Ft. Worth is scheduled to begin in fall 2001. FWTA is the lead local agency in the development of Phase II of the Trinity Railway Express. A Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) was most recently amended in December 1998.

Section 3030(21) of TEA-21 authorizes the Dallas-Ft. Worth TRE Phase II Project for final design and construction. Through FY 2001, Congress has appropriated $46.41 million in Section 5309 New Starts funds for this project; no additional New Starts funds are being sought for this project.

Locally Proposed Financing Plan

(Reported in $YOE)

Proposed Source of Funds Total Funding
Appropriations to Date
Section 5309 New Starts $46.40 $46.41 million appropriated through FY 2001
Section 5309 Bus $6.50 N/A
Section 5307 Formula $1.00 N/A
Flexible Funds (CMAQ) $44.20 N/A
ISTEA Section 1108 Highway Funds (ITC) $13.10 N/A
FWTA $46.50 N/A
DART $8.10 N/A
Tarrant County & Cities $6.50 N/A
Amtrak $3.00 N/A
Total: $184.10

Note: Funding proposal reflects assumptions made by project sponsors, and are not DOT or FTA assumptions. Totals may not add due to rounding.

Trinity Railway Express Map of project providing 25 miles of additional commuter rail service between South Irving and Fort Worth, serving the Fort Worth Intermodal Transportation Center.