Seattle, Washington/Everett-to-Seattle Commuter Rail

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 Everett-to-Seattle Commuter Rail

Seattle, Washington

(November 1999)

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The Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (Sound Transit) is proposing to implement peak-hour commuter rail service in the 35-mile corridor linking Everett and Seattle, Washington. The service would be part of the 82-mile Sounder commuter rail corridor serving 14 stations between Lakewood and Everett, Washington. The Everett-Seattle commuter rail segment would include three multimodal stations that provide connections to a variety of transportation services, including local and express bus service, the Washington State ferry system (connecting cities on the east and west sides of Puget Sound), the proposed Link light rail system, and Amtrak. Twelve trains per day will serve up to six stations, and by 2020 will carry 1.25 million riders annually.

Sound Transit estimates total project costs for the Everett-Seattle segment of the Sounder system at $104 million in escalated dollars. Sound Transit is proposing a Section 5309 New Starts share of $24.9 million. Because the proposed New Starts share is less than $25 million, the project is exempt from the New Starts criteria, and is thus not subject to FTA’s evaluation and rating (TEA-21 Section 5309(e)(8)(A)).

Summary Description

Proposed Project:

Commuter Rail

(35-miles, 7 stations)

Total Capital Cost ($YOE):

$104.0 million

Section 5309 Share:

$24.9 million

Annual Operating Cost:


Ridership Forecast:

5,300 avg. weekday boardings


The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for this project was issued in June 1999. Following extensive public outreach and ongoing coordination with tribes and Federal, state, and local agencies, the Preferred Alternative was selected. The final EIS will be published in December 1999. Sound Transit will be seeking FTA authorization to enter Final Design for this project in January 2000.

TEA-21 Section 3030(a)(85) authorizes the "Sound Move Corridor" for final design and construction. To date, Congress has appropriated $54.57 million to the 82-mile Sounder commuter rail system.






Locally Proposed Financing Plan

(Reported in $YOE)


Proposed Source of Funds

Total Funding ($million)


Appropriations to Date

  Section 5309 New Starts


($54.57 million appropriated for the 82-mile Sounder system through FY00)






NOTE: Funding proposal reflects assumptions made by project sponsors, and are not DOT or FTA assumptions. Totals may not add due to rounding.


Everett-to-Seattle Commuter Rail (map)