St. Louis, Missouri/Metrolink St. Clair Extension

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Metrolink St. Clair Extension

St.Louis, Missouri Metropolitan Area

(November 1999)

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The Bi-State Development Agency (Bi-State) is planning a 26-mile light rail line between downtown East St. Louis, Illinois, and the Mid America Airport in St. Clair County. The project will extend the MetroLink light rail project that opened in July 1993. The adopted alignment generally follows the former CSXT railroad right-of-way from East St. Louis to Belleville, IL, serving the Belleville Area College (BAC), Scott Air Force Base and Mid America Airport. A 17.4 mile "Minimum Operable Segment" (MOS) terminates at BAC. The MOS includes 8 stations (seven with park and ride lots), 20 new light rail vehicles, and a new light rail vehicle maintenance facility in East St.  Louis, Illinois. The MOS is estimated to cost $339.2 million (escalated dollars), and scheduled to open for service in 2001.


The East-West Gateway Coordinating Council (the MPO) completed a Major Investment Study and Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the project in 1995. A Preliminary Engineering/ Final Environmental Impact Statement for the full 26-mile project was completed in August 1996 and a Record of Decision was issued in September 1996. Section 5309 funds were made available in October 1996 to provide design and construction as far as BAC and an FFGA was awarded for that segment on October 17, 1996. The agreement authorized Bi-State to design and construct the MOS to BAC, with provisions for extending the system to Mid-America Airport should funding become available at a later date.

The Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA) awarded by FTA provided a commitment of $243.93 million in section 5309 new start funds contributing to the total estimated cost of $339.20 million (escalated dollars). The St.  Clair County Transit District is providing $95.3 million in local funds from a 3/4 cent county sales tax.

Two additional operable segments of the complete St. Clair County Corridor --- Phase IIB, which extends the line 3.6 miles from BAC to Scott Air Force Base, and Phase 2C, which further extends the system by 5.0 miles to Mid America Airport --- are currently in the final design phase of project development.

Through FY 2000, Congress has appropriated $153.4 million in Section 5309 New Start funds for the FFGA covered Minimum Operable Segment portion of the project. An additional $8.5 million in Section 5309 New Start funds were previously appropriated but not included in the FFGA scope.

Financing Plan

(Reported in $1996)

Proposed Source of Funds

Total Funding ($million)


Appropriations to Date

  Section 5309 New Starts

FFGA Amount


($153.4 million appropriated through FY2000; an additional $8.5 million not included in FFGA also appropriated to the project)


  ¾% Sales Tax





MOS Only
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