Dallas, North Central LRT Extension

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North Central LRT Extension

Dallas, Texas

(November 1999)

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Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) has initiated construction of the North Central Corridor light rail transit (LRT) extension to the regionís 20.5 mile starter system. DARTís starter system opened in three phases from June 1996 to May 1997 (one underground station will open in 2000). The extension, part of a 20-year, $4.8 billion transit capital program adopted in FY 1998, measures12.5 miles long from the current northern terminus at Park Lane Station to the new terminal in Plano. The extension has nine stations. Although some single track sections were originally planned, the DART Board of Directors in 1997 approved the double tracking of the entire extension. DART estimates that over 17,000 daily riders, of which 6,800 will be new riders, are expected to use the extension in the year 2010. The project is estimated to cost $517.2 million (escalated dollars).


FTA entered into an FFGA with DART for the North Central extension project on October 6, 1999 with a section 5309 new starts commitment of $333.0 million. The project is currently in the construction phase. An associated Northeast LRT extension is being built solely with local funds ($475 million).

The project has been included in the regionally adopted Metropolitan Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement Program that conforms with the State Implementation Plan for Air Quality. TEA-21 Section 3030(a)(20) authorizes the North Central Extension for final design and construction. Through FY 2000, Congress has appropriated $92.27 million in section 5309 new start funds to this project.

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  §5309 New Starts

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($92.27 million appropriated through FY 2000)
  (1% local sales tax)





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North Central LRT