Vermont (Burlington to Essex Corridor)

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Burlington to Essex Corridor

Burlington, Vermont

(November 1996)


The Vermont Agency on Transportation (VAOT) is considering transportation improvements in the 8-mile corridor between Burlington and Essex.

The commuter rail improvements in this corridor would include track, tunnel, signal, at grade crossing and drainage improvements. In Burlington, the terminus would be the newly developed Main Street Landing/Union Station site. Hourly commuter rail service would be provided on the New England Central Railway right-of-way.

The project would include the construction of two stations, in addition to the renovation of the current Amtrak station in Essex Junction, with park-and-ride lots and integrated feeder bus service. The VAOT estimates the cost of commuter rail in the Essex-Burlington corridor to be $9 million (1995 dollars).


A preliminary analysis of the Essex-Burlington corridor was included in the "Vermont Rail Feasibility Study" undertaken in 1993. Presently the State of Vermont, in conjunction with the Chittenden County MPO, intends to undertake an Environmental Assessment and detailed feasibility study, including operations planning, financial planning, detailed ridership projections, track and tunnel engineering and related work. Results of these detailed analyses are expected by the end of 1997, at which time a go/no-go decision is expected.