Tampa (Mobility Enhancement)

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Tampa - Mobility Enhancement Major Investment Study

Tampa, Florida

(November 1996)


The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) is undertaking a study of transportation alternatives in the 32-mile corridor between Tampa and Lakeland, Florida. Alternatives to be considered may include highway improvements, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) elements, Transportation System Management (TSM), travel demand management (TDM), HOV facilities, local and express bus services, rail transit, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities.


In November 1995, the Polk County Transportation Planning Organization adopted the 2020 Long Range Transportation Plan. In December 1995, the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization adopted the 2015 Long Range Transportation Plan. Both plans include a range of roadway and transit alternatives, including rail improvements. Since the adoption of these plans, officials from a variety of Federal, state, and local agencies in Hillsborough and Polk Counties have elected to complete a Major Investment Study (MIS), referred to as the Alternatives for Mobility Enhancement Major Investment Study (Mobility MIS). The purpose of the Mobility MIS is to refine the recommendations contained in the adopted Long Range Plans through a proactive and intensive public outreach program and further technical analysis.

In September 1996, the HART Board approved the selection of a consultant to assist with the performance of a Major Investment Study (MIS). The MIS, which will be completed by November 1997, will generate information the FTA could use to evaluate any resulting transit project for possible Section 5309 New Start funding.

Through FY 1997, Congress has appropriated $2.88 million for the corridor.