Southern New Jersey (Burlington - Gloucester Corridor)

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Burlington - Gloucester Corridor

Southern New Jersey

(November 1996)


New Jersey Transit, in cooperation with the Delaware River Port Authority and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, studied several rail and bus alternatives in a 36-mile corridor. The corridor extends from Glassboro in Gloucester County to Mount Holly in Burlington County by way of Camden, where it would either cross or join the existing Lindenwold Line. Several alternative technologies were considered, ranging from at-grade light rail to grade-separated heavy rail compatible with the existing Lindenwold Line. The alternatives would operate within abandoned or existing rail rights-of-way or Interstate highway medians. The project was expanded to include a Camden to Trenton alternative known as the Bordentown Secondary. Preliminary cost estimates indicate that capital costs for the longest heavy rail alternatives could be between $1.4 billion and $1.5 billion (1995 dollars). Preliminary cost estimates also indicate that capital costs for the longest light rail alternatives could be $1.4 billion (1995 dollars).


In March 1994, NJ Transit received Federal funds in the amount of $1.8 million to conduct a Major Investment Study for the Burlington and Gloucester Corridors. A final locally preferred alternative has not been determined.

This project was not authorized in ISTEA. Through FY 1997, Congress appropriated $1.5 million for this study.