St. Louis (St. Charles, Missouri Corridor)

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St. Charles, Missouri Corridor

St. Louis, Missouri Metropolitan Area

(November 1996)

Description The East West Gateway Coordinating Council (EWGCC) is studying transit alternatives for a 15-mile corridor between Lambert Airport and the City of St. Peters in St. Charles County, Missouri. Alternative modes being considered include light rail, busway, TSM, and No Build. One busway and three LRT alignments have been proposed for study.

Status FTA approved initiation of alternatives analysis in February 1993. The study will produce information on the mobility improvements, cost effectiveness, environmental benefits, and operating efficiencies associated with each alternative. The study is expected to be completed in 1996, when a preferred alternative and financing plan will be adopted.

Through FY 1997, Congress has appropriated $0.5 million for the study.