Northern New Jersey (Lakewood-Freehold-Matawan Corridor)

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Lakewood-Freehold-Matawan or Jamesburg Corridor

Northern New Jersey

(November 1996)


The New Jersey Transit Corporation (NJ Transit) is studying transit improvement options between Lakewood and Newark. The three counties traversed by the route are among the fastest growing in the State of New Jersey. Several alignment possibilities have been examined and the options have been narrowed to diesel powered commuter rail on two rail alignments and an enhanced bus system.


Section 3035(p) of ISTEA directed FTA to negotiate and sign a multiyear grant agreement for $1.8 million in FY 1992 and $3 million in both FY 1993 and FY 1994 for alternatives analysis, preliminary engineering and the environmental impact statement. In FY 1992-1994, a total of $7.8 million in Section 5309 New Start funds was appropriated.

In FY 1993, a $1.8 million grant was awarded to begin a Major Investment Study (MIS) and preparation of a draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). The draft MIS recommended advancement of the Enhanced Bus System. However, in response to suggestions from one of the affected counties, further analysis is underway for one of the rail options. Information on the local financial commitment, mobility improvements, cost effectiveness, environmental benefits and operating efficiencies is being developed in the MIS.

In FY 1995, a $5.9 million grant was awarded to support the development of the DEIS for the locally preferred alternative that is expected to result from the MIS.