Memphis (Regional Rail)

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Memphis Regional Rail

Memphis, Tennessee

(November 1996)


The Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) is studying regional fixed guideway transit options and short extensions to the existing CBD rail line under this program. The first extension, connecting the CBD with the riverfront, is under construction.

The need for a connection between the CBD and Medical Center is being studied in a Major Investment Study (MIS). The CBD-Medical Center Corridor connects the two largest employment centers in the region. Currently, employment in the corridor is over 80,000. In addition, there are growing residential concentrations downtown and in the Medical Center, generating a demand for home-based trips between the two areas, in addition to midday trips between nonresidential locations. One alternative being considered is an expansion of the rail system. For this alternative, the estimated cost for planning/design, construction, and vehicle acquisition is $31 million (escalated dollars).

Regional corridors are also being studied as part of the long range plan update process.


An MIS is being prepared for the CBD-Medical Center corridor. The MIS is expected to be completed by December 1996. Concurrently, the long range transit system plan is being finalized and will be completed in early 1997. The plan will include recommendations for priority corridors for fixed guideway investment, as warranted.

Through FY 1997, Congress has appropriated $4.75 million in Section 5309 New Start funds for the study.