Jackson, MS (Jackson Intermodal Corridor)

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Jackson Intermodal Corridor

Jackson, Mississippi

(November 1996)


This project is a part of the City of Jackson's efforts to develop an intermodal complex and connectors linking the proposed multimodal center and bus transfer facility, the central business district, Jackson State University (an historically black college and university), Jackson International Airport, and Interstate Highways I-55, I-20 and I-220. The city's efforts in this regard include design and construction of a proposed Metro Parkway for which $20,000,000 in state funding has been appropriated. These improvements are located within a federally designated enterprise community and will serve to improve transportation services for the physically disabled and elderly.

The Jackson Intermodal Center involves design, right-of-way acquisition and reconstruction of existing rail viaducts spanning the proposed Metro Parkway and street and signalization improvements. The improvements are located in the vicinity of the multimodal center and bus transfer facilities. This is particularly important given the city's plan to centralize bus transfers at the bus transfer facilities, thereby significantly increasing bus traffic density. The existing viaducts are too narrow and lack sufficient clearance to permit safe use of this corridor by bus traffic.


Conceptual planning for the corridor improvements is being conducted. It is anticipated that the planning phase will be completed in June 1997. The MPO plan and TIP will be amended based on the results of the conceptual planning phase.

Through FY 1997, Congress has appropriated $5.5 million of Section 5309 New Starts funds for the project.