Craig, Alaska (Alaska-Hollis Ketchikan Ferry)

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Alaska - Hollis Ketchikan Ferry

Craig, Alaska

(November 1996)


The city of Craig, in coordination with the communities of Prince of Wales Island, proposes the construction of a new passenger terminal at Hollis and a new 196 foot shelter deck ferry vessel which could carry 28 vehicles and 149 passengers. This project also proposes expanded ferry service between Hollis and Ketchikan. The proposed service would provide two trips per day, 365 days per year between Hollis and Ketchikan. The proposed service would replace existing Alaska Marine Highway Service which provides six trips per week during the summer and two trips per week during the winter between Hollis and Ketchikan.

The total cost of this project is estimated at $10.7 million. Annual passenger ridership is estimated at 97,400 by the year 2005.


For Federal fiscal year 1997, Congress appropriated $6.35 million in New Start funding for the final design and construction of the proposed project to include the passenger ferry terminal at Hollis and the new ferry vessel.

The city of Craig recently completed preliminary scoping and design of the proposed project to include preliminary vessel design and service needs. This initial step was funded through the Federal Highway Administration. The city of Craig anticipates initiation of the proposed expanded ferry services in 1999. The project is not currently identified in an approved Statewide Transportation Improvement Program.


Since the proposed Section 5309 share is less than $25 million, this proposal is not subject to the new start criteria in 49 U.S.C. Section 5309(e)(2)-(7).


The local match for the project has not been secured. The city anticipates the formation of a Port Authority authorized by Alaska's Municipal Port Authority Act. The proposed port authority may include membership of several communities on Prince of Wales Island. The port authority would assume responsibility for operation of the proposed ferry service between Hollis and Ketchikan. The city anticipates that the operating costs would be completely covered by fare revenue and other revenue such as concessions.

The city of Craig has proposed the following funding strategy for the proposed project:

Proposed Source of Funds Total Funding
Appropriations to Date
Federal: Section 5309 New Start $6.35 $6.35 million appropriated through FY 1997
Local: Municipal Bond Issue $4.35 N/A
Total: $10.70

Note: Funding proposal reflects assumptions made by project sponsors, and are not DOT or FTA assumptions.