Charlotte, N.C. (Priority Corridor)

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Charlotte Priority Corridor

Charlotte, North Carolina

(November 1996)


The City of Charlotte is considering high-capacity bus and rail alternatives for several corridors.


Section 3035(r) of ISTEA directed FTA to sign a multiyear grant agreement with the City of Charlotte providing $0.5 million for the completion of system planning and alternatives analysis for a priority corridor. The City of Charlotte has completed a system planning study which examined alternative bus and rail technologies for each of eight different corridors in a radial pattern from the Charlotte central business district. The study recommended proceeding with more detailed planning analysis for the Airport, Pineville and Matthews corridors. The next planning step would be a Major Investment study (MIS) in one or more corridors to evaluate alternatives for addressing current and future transportation problems. The city is requesting $700,000 in Section 5307 funds for FY 1997 to perform an MIS in the Pineville corridor.