Boston (Urban Ring)

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Urban Ring

Boston, Massachusetts

(November 1996)


The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is planning to conduct a Major Investment Study (MIS) for a circumferential corridor located just beyond the Boston central core. These alternatives would connect with existing commuter rail and transit lines and would generally follow the alignment of what had previously been a proposed inner belt highway. The alternatives being considered include rail service to new station stops on the existing radial system and enhanced local bus service. Initial cost estimates range from $20 million for the bus alternative to $1.4 billion (escalated dollars) for the full build alternative.


An MIS will begin in the winter of 1996/1997 and is expected to be completed early in 1999. Feasibility studies conducted in 1989 and 1993 will serve as the basis for the MIS. A key element of this study will be land use and development planning in the circumferential corridor.

Through FY 1997, Congress has appropriated $1.09 million for this study.