Orange County, CA (I-405/SR-55 Transitway)

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I-405/SR-55 Transitway and Direct Access HOV Ramps

Orange County, California

(January 1997)


Orange County, California is building a regional system of HOV/transit lanes. By 2001, 90 percent of Orange County's freeways will have HOV/transit lanes. Direct HOV/transitway connector ramps will aid smooth transition between these facilities and deliver significant travel time savings.

The I-405/SR-55 freeway interchange is one of the ten busiest in the nation. To meet travel demands, the Orange County Transit Authority will design and construct HOV/transitway connector ramps between the I-405 and SR-55 freeways as well as three HOV/transitways to directly serve major employment and business centers. The I-405/SR-55 Transitway will be supported by 5,500 new park and ride spaces and 50 new express buses.

Status The first phase of the project, the South Transitway (MOS-1), is currently undergoing final design. Construction of this segment will begin in FY 1998 and be completed in FY 2002. MOS-1 uses a combination of Federal ($20.3 million) and local ($16.6 million) funds.

On January 13, 1997, the Orange County Transit District (OCTD) Board of Directors approved a plan to complete construction of the I-405/SR-55 Transitway without further FTA funding. Orange County's local transportation sales tax, Measure M, will be the primary source used to complete the project. Construction will be complete in the year 2011.

OCTD remains committed to putting an additional 50 express buses into service in the area served by the Transitway and has budgeted funds for express bus expansion. Since the Alternatives Analysis/Environmental Assessment/Initial Study for the I-405/SR-55 Transitway was adopted, Orange County has added 1,235 new park and ride spaces and 11 new express buses.

The project was not authorized in ISTEA. Through FY 1997, Congress has appropriated $23.32 million in Section 5309 New Start funds.