St. Louis (St. Clair County, Illinois LRT)

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St. Louis, Missouri Metropolitan Area

(November 1996)

Description The Bi-State Development Agency (Bi-State) is proposing a 27-mile light rail line between downtown East St. Louis, Illinois, and the Mid America Airport in St. Clair County. The project would extend the MetroLink light rail project which opened in July 1993. The adopted alignment generally follows the former CSXT railroad right-of-way from East St. Louis to Belleville, IL and serves the Belleville Area College (BAC) and Scott Air Force Base. A 17-mile "Interim Operating Segment (IOS)," which is described in this profile, would terminate at BAC. It includes 13 stations (seven with park and ride lots), 20 new light rail vehicles, and an expanded yard and shop facility in St. Louis, Missouri.

The full project is estimated to cost $431.5 million (escalated dollars) and is projected to carry 10,000 to 15,000 riders per day in the year 2010. The "Interim Operating Segment" is estimated to cost $339.2 million.


The East-West Gateway Coordinating Council (the MPO) completed a Major Investment Study and draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) in 1995. A final Environemental Impact Statement (FEIS) was issued in August 1996.

A Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA) was executed in October 1996 for the 17 mile interim operating segment. The estimated cost of the extension to Belleville Area College is $339.2 million with a maximum FTA contribution of $243.93 million. The St. Clair County Transit District will provide the $95.27 million in local funds from a 3/4 cent county sales tax.

Through FY 1997, Congress has appropriated $39.71 million in Section 5309 New Start funds for the project.

Source of Funds

Total Funding ($million)
Section 5309 New Start

FFGA Amount

$243.93 ($39.71 million appropriated through FY 1997)*
3/4% sales tax 95.27
TOTAL $339.2
*Note: An additional $8.04 million was obligated to the project in prior years but was not included in the FFGA scope.