Northern New Jersey (Secaucus Transfer)

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New Jersey Urban Core/Secaucus Transfer Station

Northern New Jersey

November 1996


The New Jersey Transit Corporation (NJ Transit) is constructing a major commuter rail transfer station in Secaucus where its Main, Bergen and Pascack Valley Lines intersect the Northeast Corridor (NEC) Line. Passengers on the Main, Bergen, Pascack Valley and Port Jervis lines will be able to transfer to the NEC Line for more direct rail service to Midtown Manhattan via Penn Station NY and to southern New Jersey via Penn Station Newark. Located in the New Jersey Meadowlands, the project is being constructed as part of a potential public/private partnership which would include the development of a major commercial center.

The Secaucus Transfer Station (STS) project includes construction of a three-level 200,000 square foot transfer station at the intersection of the NEC, Main and Bergen lines. The station foundations and structural system will support future commercial development over the station. It also includes modification of 2 miles of the NEC Line from two to four tracks with improved signal, power and communication systems. Similar upgrading of tracks and bridges on the Bergen-Main Lines near the new station are also included. The total STS project is estimated to cost $444.25 million (escalated dollars).


Section 3031 of ISTEA identified the STS as one element of the New Jersey Urban Core Project which includes seven other major elements, and required FTA to enter into a Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA) for those elements which can be fully funded in FY 1992 through FY 1997. The total amount of Section 5309 New Start funds authorized by ISTEA for the NJ Urban Core Project is $634.40 million.

Section 3031 of ISTEA directed FTA to consider non-Federal contributions to the capital cost of the NJ Urban Core Project made since 1987 as required local matching funds for the project. In addition, Section 1044 of ISTEA allowed certain highway toll revenues which are used to build, improve or maintain highways, bridges or tunnels that serve interstate commerce to be credited as local matching funds for any federally assisted highway or transit project. Sufficient non-Federal funds to constitute local match for the STS, in accordance with Sections 1044 and 3031 of ISTEA, have already been expended as part of the NJ Urban Core Project.

FTA signed an FFGA with a Federal Section 5309 New Start funding commitment of $444.25 million with NJ Transit in December 1994 for construction of the STS. NJ Transit began construction immediately with revenue operations scheduled by June 2002.

Proposed Source of Funds Total Funding
Federal: Section 5309 New Start
(FFGA Amount)
$444.25 ($417.26 million appropriated through FY 1997)
Local: $0.00
Total: $444.25