Los Angeles (MOS-3 Segments of Metro Rail)

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MOS-3 Extensions of Metro Rail

Los Angeles, California

(November 1996)


The 23-mile, $5.7 billion Metro Rail Red Line Project in Los Angeles is being planned, programmed and constructed in phases through a series of "minimum operable segments" (MOSs). The 4.4-mile, 5-station segment called MOS-1 opened for revenue service in January 1993. A 2.1-mile, three-station segment of MOS-2 opened along Wilshire Boulevard in July 1996. The additional 4.6-mile, 5-station segment in MOS-2 is under construction. New Start funds sufficient to fulfill the FTA financial commitment to MOS-2, as set forth in the Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA) of April 1990 between FTA and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA), have already been appropriated.

Section 3034 of ISTEA directed FTA to enter into a multiyear agreement for the Los Angeles Metro Rail Project including MOS-3, adding three Metro Rail Red Line extensions:

1. The North Hollywood Extension is 6.3 miles in length with three stations, all in subway. It extends the Hollywood branch of MOS-2 generally to the north through the Santa Monica mountains into North Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley. The estimated cost is $1.31 billion (escalated dollars). Total daily ridership for this segment is estimated to be 33,000.

2. The East Side Extension (initial segment) is 3.7 miles in length with four stations, originally designed as subway. It extends MOS-1 from Union Station into neighborhoods east of downtown. The estimated cost is $980 million (escalated dollars). Total daily ridership for this segment is estimated to be 15,000.

3. The Mid-City Extension extends the Wilshire Boulevard branch generally to the west beyond the current MOS-2 terminus at Western Avenue. It adds 2.3 miles, originally designed as subway, and two stations to the system. The estimated cost is $491 million (escalated dollars). Total daily ridership for the MOS-3 extension is estimated at 26,000 daily boardings.

Status LACMTA and FTA signed a FFGA for MOS-3 in May 1993 which provided $1.230 billion (plus interest and extraordinary costs) in Section 5309 New Start funds and advance construction authority for the three extensions of MOS-3. Subsequently, the FFGA was amended to provide an additional $186.5 million for a total of $1.416.5 billion in Section 5309 New Start funding, representing 51 percent of MOS-3 total costs. Through 1997, Congress has appropriated $510.23 million in New Start funds for MOS-3. LACMTA plans to fund $240.5 million (9 percent) of MOS-3 with Federal flexible funds such as STP and CMAQ.

LACMTA is developing and implementing a revised implementation plan for the MOS-3 extensions to specify final alignment, cost, funding and environmental details.

The North Hollywood Extension is under construction and within budget, leading to a scheduled opening in May 2000.

The East Side Extension is in final design and at least one year behind the FFGA scheduled opening of November 2002. Revised alignment and design issues are under consideration.

The Mid City Extension has reverted to the planning and environmental review phase. LACMTA is reconsidering alternative horizontal and vertical alignments and has reopened the public environmental review process. Current estimates identify completion at least 7 years later than the FFGA scheduled opening in July 1999.

Source of Funds Total Funding ($million)
Section 5309 New Start

FFGA Amount

$1,416.50 ($510.23 million appropriated through FY 1997)
Flexible Funds 240.50
Local: 1,124.10
TOTAL $2,781.10