FY2014 Annual Report on Funding Recommendations

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FTA is currently determining how best to implement the provisions of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) related to the major capital investment program to take maximum advantage of the streamlining and flexibility provided in the law. FTA intends to publish interim policy guidance and a rule in the near future to inform project sponsors of its proposals for implementing MAP-21. Until that effort is completed, including any required public review and comment periods, FTA will prepare the upcoming FY2014 Annual Report on Funding Recommendations in the same fashion as was used for the FY2013 Annual Report.

FTA is requesting that project sponsors seeking a funding recommendation in the FY 2014 Annual Report, or sponsors whose project had significant changes since the last evaluation and rating, submit updated information to FTA as outlined in the Reporting Instructions for the Section 5309 New Starts Criteria (“Reporting Instructions”) published in August 2011. These are available on FTA’s website at http://fta.dot.gov/grants/12304.html. By keeping the reporting requirements the same as last year until such time as new policies and procedures can be developed, FTA believes the burden on project sponsors is minimized. The due date for submittal of information to FTA for consideration in the FY 2014 Annual Report will be September 14, 2012.

Project sponsors that may be seeking entry into the major capital investment program for the first time are reminded that applications can be submitted to FTA at any time throughout the year and need not be tied to the FY 2014 Annual Report preparation cycle. These project sponsors may choose whether to submit information by September 14 in accordance with the Reporting Instructions published in August 2011 in order to be considered as a possible funding recommendation, or wait until later when FTA publishes interim policy guidance implementing the provisions of MAP-21.

FTA will provide further clarifications on some frequently asked questions related to the major capital investment provisions of MAP-21 in the near future. We continue to ask for your patience as we take the necessary steps over the next several weeks to prepare for full implementation of MAP-21. Please contact the FTA Office of Project Planning at 202-366-4033 with any questions on this matter.

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