Proposed Allocation of Funds for Fiscal Year 2011

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Recommendation Summary

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Annual Report on Funding Recommendations

Fiscal Year 2011

New Starts, Small Starts, and Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks Program

Report of the Secretary of Transportation
to the United States Congress
Pursuant to 49 U.S.C. 5309(k)(1)


Prepared by:
Federal Transit Administration

Available from:
Federal Transit Administration
Office of Planning and Environment
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Table of Contents

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Executive Summary
General Commitment Guidelines for New and Small Starts Projects
Table 1 FY 2011 Funding for New Starts and Small Starts Projects (Recommended Projects) [XLS]
Principles for New Starts Evaluation and Rating
Table 2A Summary of FY 2011 Project Ratings [PDF]
Table 2B Detailed Summary of FY 2011 Project Ratings [PDF]
Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks Program

Appendix A: New Starts Project Profiles  [Appendix A PDF]

[Please note: The map images are best viewed in the PDF version]

  • Full Funding Grant Agreements
    • CO, Denver, West Corridor LRT [Text] [PDF]
    • NY, New York, Long Island Rail Road East Side Access  [Text] [PDF]
    • NY, New York, Second Avenue Subway Phase [Text] [PDF]
    • TX, Dallas, Northwest/Southeast LRT MOS [Text] [PDF]
    • UT, Salt Lake City, Mid-Jordan LRT [Text] [PDF]
    • UT, Salt Lake City, Weber County to Salt Lake City Commuter Rail [Text] [PDF]
    • VA, Northern Virginia, Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project Extension to Wiehle Avenue [Text] [PDF]
    • WA, Seattle, University Link LRT Extension [Text] [PDF]
  • Final Design
    • AZ, Tucson, Modern Streetcar Project  [Text] [PDF]
    • CA, Oakland, Oakland Airport Connector  [Text] [PDF]
    • CA, San Francisco, Central Subway LRT  [Text] [PDF]
    • CT, Hartford, New Britain Hartford Busway  [Text] [PDF]
    • CT, Stamford, Urban Transitway Phase II  [Text] [PDF]
    • DE, Wilmington, Wilmington to Newark Commuter Rail Improvements  [Text] [PDF]
    • FL, Orlando, Central Florida Commuter Rail Transit Initial Operating Segment  [Text] [PDF]
    • NJ, Northern New Jersey, Access to the Region's Core  [Text] [PDF]
    • RI, Providence, South County Commuter Rail  [Text] [PDF]
    • TX, Houston, North Corridor LRT  [Text] [PDF]
    • TX, Houston, Southeast Corridor LRT  [Text] [PDF]
  • Preliminary Engineering
    • CA, San Jose, Silicon Valley Berryessa Extension  [Text] [PDF]
    • CO, Denver, East Corridor  [Text] [PDF]
    • CO, Denver, Gold Line  [Text] [PDF]
    • FL, Miami, Orange Line Phase 2: North Corridor Metrorail Extension  [Text] [PDF]
    • HI, Honolulu High Capacity Transit Corridor Project  [Text] [PDF]
    • MA, Boston, Assembly Square Station  [Text] [PDF]
    • MA, Boston, Silver Line Phase III  [Text] [PDF]
    • MN, St. Paul-Minneapolis, Central Corridor LRT  [Text] [PDF]
    • NC, Charlotte, Northeast Corridor Light Rail Project  [Text] [PDF]
    • OR, Portland, Milwaukee LRT  [Text] [PDF]
    • TX, Houston, University Corridor LRT  [Text] [PDF]
    • UT, Salt Lake City, Draper LRT  [Text] [PDF]
    • WA, Vancouver, Columbia River Crossing  [Text] [PDF]
  • Project Development
    • CA, Oakland, East Bay BRT   [Text] [PDF]
    • CA, Riverside, Perris Valley Line   [Text] [PDF]
    • CA, San Bernardino, E Street Corridor sbX BRT  [Text] [PDF]
    • CA, San Francisco, Van Ness Avenue BRT  [Text] [PDF]
    • CO, Fort Collins, Mason Corridor BRT   [Text] [PDF]
    • CO, Roaring Fork Valley, BRT Project  [Text] [PDF]
    • MI, Grand Rapids, Division Avenue BRT   [Text] [PDF]
    • NY, New York, Nostrand Avenue BRT  [Text] [PDF]
    • TX, Austin, MetroRapid BRT   [Text] [PDF]
    • WA, King County, West Seattle BRT  [Text] [PDF]

Appendix B: FY 2011 Evaluation and Rating Process [Text] [PDF]

Appendix C: Alternative Transportation in Parks and Public Lands Program [Text] [PDF]